Cedaredge Located within Delta County, Colorado

I grew up in Cedaredge.  Started life out on the McCoy Ranch east of Cedaredge in a valley on the other side of Cedar Mesa.  My parents bought the ranch in 1966 from Herald McCoy and called it the Sunburst Ranch.  Cedaredge is a great town to grow up in. 

It is often referred to as the "Gateway to the Grand Mesa."  It sits in the Surface Creek Valley on the southern slope of The Grand Mesa.  The area used to be a strong agricultural area with many fruit orchards, sheep and cattle ranches.  It has evolved into more of a retirement community with the larger ranches and orchards being broken up into smaller endeavors and have made room for many subdivisions.  Some of the most amazing Apples are still grown by a few surviving orchards and the locally grown beef that can be obtained is some of the best you will ever taste.

Though the area has changed a bunch from when I grew up, I would still say it is probably one of Colorado's best kept secrets.  I wish we could have kept it that way.  Yet the growth has been managed well and the town still keeps that small community feel.  The retirement community has brought with them the economic strength that has kept the town a float during many of the countries down turns.  With that, we are grateful to see the town grow.

Cedaredge was incorporated on in Delta County, Colorado.

It uses the US/Mountain Time Zone

It lies 6,230 ft (1,899 m) above sea level.

It has a land mass of 1.96 sq mi (5.08 km2),
and a population of around 2,295 within the city limits.

Local Phone land lines will use 970 as the area code and 856 as the City(exchange) codes.

Reference Codes for Cedaredge

FIPS Code: 08-12635
GNIS Code: 0186245


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