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Logo Design

Logos are so much more than fancy graphics and cool affects.  A true logo is an icon of the business.  It should be recognizable to that business alone.  We often refer to the Pepsi logo as an example.  The logo itself, no matter what the variation, is easy for anyone familiar with it to know that it is Pepsi’s logo.  That is the ultimate goal of a true logo.  
The logos below are examples and projects of some of the work that we have completed in the past.  They are not only here to give you an idea of what we can do, but more importantly they are here for inspiration for others.  Please feel free to use them as inspiration for your own projects.   Each of these images is a trademarked or copyrighted logo of the business it represents.  We only show them here because we played a part in creating them.  Please respect that fact and only use them for inspiration.


Acclaim Audio Video - Logo Design

We created this logo for Shawn for his audio business. 


Abel Drywall - Logo Design

Abel came to us for a logo for a business he was wanting to start.  At the time he did't know…